Greg Souster

Dr Lakshay Kumar looked after my elderly mother with great patience, care, empathy and gentle kindness.
What was an anxious visit to the Dentist turned into a pain free, pleasant experience for my mother due to the care of this excellent surgery, thank you.

Gagan Rayat

New Owner Dr Lakshay Kumar is best in the business and is a big believer that there is always a story to be heard. So he just wouldn’t look after your dental needs but would be willing to know more about you , your routine, your habits so he can devise the best possible solution.
I got my front tooth fixed which was chipped for after a car accident. He saw me the same day as a priority and restored my smile back.
Highly Recommended !!

Chantel Jordaan

First time meeting the new owner Dr Lakshay Kumar and all i can say is he is the friendliest guy ever. His assistant is lovely and they make you feel very comfortable.
They can even assist you with payment plans that suit your needs, which i greatly appreciated!
I have always been afraid of a dentist but sunnynook dentist make you feel very relaxed.
Highly recommended and they are affordable😊

Bern Dell

I just had my first visit to the clinic since the change of ownership (Aug 2019) and I have to say I’m delighted.
The Dentist and his very professional nurse are really friendly and interested in the patient.
The work went very quickly, was totally painless and I was surprised at how little I was charged.
This is definitely my dentist of choice and I’ll be bringing all my toothy problems here in future. I highly recommend them to anyone. 🙂

Nelson P

Best dentist i have ever been to!
Very professional, Excellent service
Highly recommended

Thank you to Dr. Lakshay Kumar, Amy and the team down at Sunnynook Dentist for fixing my teeth without any harm!
The best 🙌

Robert Latimer

I have dreaded going to the dentist ever since I had an unpleasant and painful experience with a school dentist in England. (And that was a lot of years ago.) So I definitely wasn’t looking forward to having the preparatory work done for a crown.

However, Lakshay and Amy did their best to put me at ease and were very considerate throughout the whole procedure, stopping now and then to check with me and to give me a break from keeping my mouth open.

I wouldn’t say I enjoyed the experience but thanks to a very good team I was as comfortable as possible without too much stress.